About me

My name is Elton and I’m a keen walker and backpacker who lives in North East


My love of the great outdoors originates from a number of holidays to the Isle of Mull

during my childhood. Simply getting to Mull from where I lived and was born in Plymouth

Devon was a great adventure for me. The great contrast of the beautiful, slow-paced

rural island from the bustling city engendered in me a great sense of freedom. I still feel

that way when out in the countryside or whilst travelling to get ‘out there’, particularly so

when amongst the hills and mountains. Since that time I have enjoyed many days and

nights of such freedom, usually with a rucksack on my back and a thin wall of canvas

protecting me from the unpredictable British weather.

No matter how stressed life can become a night wild camping always sorts me out.

Unfortunately, as a married man with a young son and a full-time job I dont get out

into the great outdoors as often or for as long as I would like. On average I may do 4-6

overnighters and one 2 nighter per year. Most of the overnighters are local, somewhere

out on the Lincolnshire Wolds, down the coast or into one of the numerous nearby

woodlands. I try and get to the Peak District or further afield atleast once a year. Before

I married my lovely wife Izzy I’d done a week wild camping in the Lakes, a little over

a week backpacking from Bude to Newquay along the SWCP, three nights of an ill-
planned and ill-fated trip to the Affric range of the Highlands and a week car camping

and touring around the Highlands and Sutherland. Not to mention introducing my wife

to camping and one night wild camping on a long weekend in the Lakes. Luckily for me

Izzy enjoyed the trip and said she would like to do more but not so much of the ‘wild bit’!

However she fell pregnant shortly after this trip and it was some time before we got the

opportunity. Other than one weekend alone on a campsite in Edale we have enjoyed 3

camping holidays in a big Family tent in beautiful St Ives.


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