Snow in the Lincolnshire Wolds


Me on the left and my best mate Marcus in Irby Dale, Lincolnshire.

This is from an overnight local trip in January 2010 (Edit – This post was supposed to come under the Old (pre-blog) Trips page but I am still getting used to this blogging lark!). Thought I’d share this one as it shows my good old Macpac Minaret and the monster Deuter pack that tipped me over the edge into the search for lighter kit.

Its also the source of the best photo i can find to accurately show why I called my blog ‘A Rucksack with Legs’! (edit ~ have since found an older and better photo and used that) I’m not the tallest backpacker and from behind with this pack on (and my old Karrimor Endeavour 75-105) I look just like a rucksack with legs.

Irby Dale in the snow

Irby Dale

Macpac Minaret and Marcus’ Golite Shangri-La 3. The Macpac was a bombproof tent that served me well for more than 10yrs. Marcus still has and uses his Shangri-La.

Although he sold his Karrimor Sabre pack and purchased a Golite Pinnacle. Like me he realised the wisdom of going lighter!

Two more intrepid souls out in the fine weather. The Lincolnshire wolds are overlooked and underestimated in my opinion.


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